Her Marine


The last thing Journee expected during girls' night was to run into her ex. What she expected even less was for Killian to step in on her behalf. She’s grateful for the help, but she isn’t a fan of the way this man she’s recently met has her body responding to him.

When Axel told Killian they should all get together, he thought it would be like any other time they’d done so. He didn’t think he lay eyes on the most alluring woman he’d ever seen in his life. His attraction to her is undeniable, and he soon finds himself extending his stay.

Journee was used to taking care of everything for everyone and being the one who compromised in her relationships to make them work. That is until Killian stepped into her path and was hellbent on showing her what letting him lead and please her looked like. He was dominance on legs, and Journee found herself submitting surprisingly, with no protests.

Killian was out to satisfy their physical cravings. He hadn’t expected to want more than that, but sometimes life has a way of morphing desires and changing hearts.

TW: Contains strong language and mild violence.