Salacious Desire

  • Salacious Desire

“Welcome to the world of Club Desire, one of the world’s most exclusive BDSM clubs. We cater to your pleasure and your pain. We have everything you could possibly desire.”

Kellan Brannick is a successful hotel and casino mogul, owning over a dozen scattered across the East Coast. Control Freak is a word often used to describe him. He enjoyed calling the shots and having people and situations move as he saw fit at his command. Control gave him a sense of peace, and he’s damn good at it. Control is exhilarating until he finds that submission is delicious.

Inka Morrison is the only daughter of the Morrison family, and her father always demands perfection from her. Perfection. Three syllables that weigh heavily on her. That would dictate her day-to-day if she allowed them to. She is expected to portray a specific image at all times. Perfection is a burden, but dominance is fulfilling.

When these two cross paths at Club Desire, embers grow into a blazing inferno, and they're willing to be burned in the best way.

TW: This novella contains strong language, detailed explicit sexual content, and uses of bondage items and toys.